Toe Injury

Last week, my son Ibnu got an accident when he run around at home from bedroom to kitchen, dining area, and living room. He didn’t clean up the room before he run and there was a clear tape on the floor. Somehow he step on the clear tape and he got slice on his toe.

He cried loudly so that everybody woke up when hearing weeping. During the weekend, normally we continue our sleep until early noon.  My wife took adhesive bandage from the first aid kit box and wrap it to his toe.

Few minutes later, he stopped crying and doing what he wanted to do. In the evening, I asked him to take a bath as he hasn’t done so since the morning. He scared with his sliced toe so we suggested him to wrap it with plastic wrap.

In the night, my wife gave antiseptic to his sliced toe  in order to avoid infection. Indeed, antiseptic will make ache to his toe and wrap again with adhesive bandage for the second time.

Look at his sliced toe one week later which is today before I wrote this article.

8 Marine Terrace, Singapore

Saturday at Home

We  are staying at home because we don’t have any plan yet for going out at least in this Saturday morning. However, if the weather is good then we will go out for window shopping in Parkway Parade this afternoon. There are lots of things have to be done such as washing and ironing the clothes, cooking for our lunch and dinner meals.

During the weekend, we usually don’t do so much things at home. Naya and Ibnu normally watch on their favorite youtube channels while I and my wife doing the daily homeworks as mentioned above. it’s time for our children spend their time for doing their hobbies that not related to their school work.

After helping my wife, I usually will do my own hobbies such as writing on my blog or reading anything in order to improve my skill such as programming or system administration related matters.

Currently, I am on the midst of writing blog in English as part of my effort to achieve the expected TOEFL score for applying master degree program in computer science.

Meet my Wife’s Professor

On last Sunday early morning, I went to Parit Raja to meet my wife’s Ph.D supervisor Prof. Dr. Mustafa at UTHM for asking his signature and stamp. My wife couldn’t come to Malaysia because her student visa issue.

Our passport was just renewed at Indonesian Embassy in Singapore and definitely the old passport has been invalid anymore. Her old passport contains the student visa sticker and it can not be taken out and moved to her new passport.

Last two weeks ago all of us went to Parit Raja and continued to Malacca for short time vocation in order to fulfill my children free time during their school holiday. At the Woodlands Malaysia check point, the immigration officer checked my wife’s visa for a while and escalated to his manager regarding the student visa was still on the old passport. Finally, he stamped wife’s passport using special stamp and asked to contact UTHM’s international officer to process her student visa. She needs a new visa sticker on the new passport.

The problem is when my wife asking the UTHM international officer, her passport will be hold by her campus for a while as they need to wait few applications to go to immigration officer which location in Johor Bahru and quite far from Parit Raja. Consequently, she needs to stay at Parit Raja at least one week until she received her passport with a new visa sticker.

If my wife has to stay there then it will become terrible. I can not handle at all while working as my children are still need her assist. At the end, we decided to hold the processing of her student visa as it’s only valid until April this year and has to be renewed. So, the time duration is only four months more.

Leaving home on Sunday morning at 06:30 AM using bus to Queen Street bus station. I used Causeway Link bus to bring me to Larkir bus station in Johor Bahru. I arrived at Larkir around 8.30 AM and I needed to wait around 30 minutes as the next bus departure which would bring us to Parit Raja at 9:00 AM.

Two hours later, I arrived in Parit Raja. I asked the bus captain to align me at UTHM bus stop. From there, walking around 15 minutes to FSKTM faculty office then going upstairs to 2nd storey where Prof. Dr. Mustafa’s room is located. I met with him, had a short discussion, signed and stamped my wife’s document.

He brought me to the best beriyani rice restaurant in Batu Pahat and took me to Batu Pahat bus station because my bus departure at 01:30 PM to Larkin. Arriving in Larkin at 03:00 PM and continued to Singapore using Causeway Link bus. I arrived at home at 05:30 PM. Alhamdulillah..

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Mustafa for his hospitality so far.