Mathematics Mind Map

Look at the picture below that I just took few minutes ago. It is a simple thing to draw the mind map. It can help her to remind all the mathematics formulas.

Today, Naya presented her mathematics homework in front of her classmates. She explained the mind map of mathematics formulas. She prepared it in order to fulfill math’s task given by her teacher. I think she has ability of drawing and painting from what we see, right?

when I was in school, I also did the same thing even though no assignment from my teacher. Good job Naya, please keep your spirit to do everything with the best effort.

-Singapore, 8 February 2019

Chess Game

These two days are public holidays in Singapore. We spend our free time at home doing anything we want to do. Look at the picture below, there was a serious chess game between Ibnu and Naya. The game was divided into two rounds if one of them win the two rounds consecutively and if not then they have to continue the 3rd round.

At the end, Ibnu won the game through  three rounds. The first round was won by Ibnu while Naya won the 2nd round.

Ibnu’s chess pawns are on the right side with white color while Naya on the left side with brown color. Anyway, happy holidays for all of us.

Singapore, 5 February 2019

Chinese New Year 2019

It is already February 2019 now, time flies so fast. Next Tuesday is Chinese new year festival and it means I have been leaving in Singapore for  more than 3 years together with my family. This is my 4th Chinese new year in Singapore. I am not celebrating it but my colleagues here celebrating this special event especially for Chinese people.

One of the traditions during the Lunar new year (another name of Chinese new year) is spring cleaning. Normally, people will take leaves one week before and one week after Lunar new year. On the first week, they usually do spring cleaning of their house. Chinese people believe that it will bring a great fortune into their house.

During the festival, we will see lots of Chinese ornaments or decorations related in the shopping mall, houses, and sometimes on the streets as well as greetings. In Singapore, government will grant us two days for public holidays and working half day on the day before the festival itself.

Since the majority in Singapore is Chinese ethnic compared with Malay or Indian so that on the date of Lunar new year, most of the shopping malls or grocery stores will be closed in order to give/allow people to celebrate the event. Every year has specific name relates to the animal and this year is the year of the Pig. The picture below was taken at shopping mall at Expo besides Ericsson Office.

-Singapore 3 February 2019

Toe Injury

Last week, my son Ibnu got an accident when he run around at home from bedroom to kitchen, dining area, and living room. He didn’t clean up the room before he run and there was a clear tape on the floor. Somehow he step on the clear tape and he got slice on his toe.

He cried loudly so that everybody woke up when hearing weeping. During the weekend, normally we continue our sleep until early noon.  My wife took adhesive bandage from the first aid kit box and wrap it to his toe.

Few minutes later, he stopped crying and doing what he wanted to do. In the evening, I asked him to take a bath as he hasn’t done so since the morning. He scared with his sliced toe so we suggested him wrapping it with plastic wrap.

In the night, my wife gave antiseptic to his sliced toe  in order to avoid infection. Indeed, antiseptic will make ache to his toe and wrap again with adhesive bandage for the second time.

Look at his sliced toe one week later which is today before I wrote this article.