Annual leave – 2 weeks – it’s nice

Since last week I have spent my annual leave in Bandung with my wife and  my child after standby for lebaran festive in Makassar. I also bought 2nd Dell computer for my 3rd computer at Jaya plasa Bandung, its more cheaper than  buy a new ensemble computer. There are few chapters of my upcoming Debian book  should be revised. This book will be published by Informatika Bandung ( Thanks to Pak Benny), so I need  computer in Bandung. My 2nd computer located in Jakarta so I could not do anything without computer that’s why I have to bought other computer.

Installing  Debian testing and will become a stable version (Squeeze) for a couple of months and working properly now. But I haven’t installed a few software that has required for my book. Maybe will be continued on next week.