In this weekend, I plan to continue my Camba2Ldap program which has not reached a final stage for a good software that can be used for crucial purposes. My program link is here. Picture below is Camel ( Perl’s symbolic).


Also wants to add a feature namely “display a time slot which has not defined(discarded)” in my PCM Parser program (Link) and it can be downloaded (text mode) in here. There are two reasons why these time slots have to discarded (used for Gb and for signaling) . But until right now, I still confuse how to realize this purpose (  I haven’t been finding the algorithm yet). Does anybody can help me?.

This program is very important for me and already used to reduce error during implementation and of course for saving time in project. I have to relocate all Base station controller (BSC) and Radio Network Controller (RNC) from one MSC-S to other MSC-S. then that MSC-S must be powered off and installed at shelter then powered on again and move all BSCs and RNCs like the condition previously. Without my PCM Parser, I can’t imagine how to settle my work at Padang area.

Thanks to Perl and “that’s why We love Perl” and when you need Perl think

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