It’s a stupid question if somebody ask me why I love Debian. I am a Debian “addict” user since I touched Debian in 2004. I never change to other distribution  anymore.The reason why:

1. Stability

Debian has slowly release cycle because of heavy stability testing. The packages status will be changed to stable  version if they pass all criteria for stable version. Debian Developers (DD) never burdened when the release of Debian should be announced. Other distributions will announce their latest release every six months periodically. But Debian, we can’t guess when the latest release will be announced by Debian Team. I witness  if we upgrade Debian to the next stable version will run smoothly without problem. This server already upgraded from etch to Lenny and all services are working correctly. But please noted that Debian is not suitable for Desktop user, so “if you are a desktop user, please don’t use Debian. Debian is more suitable for server” and “don’t use Debian if you want to get a newer version of program”, Use Ubuntu or other distributions.

2. Strictly  Free Software

Debian obeys very strictly Free software philosophies. For example, Mozilla Firefox will never found in Debian, Debian Developers have been developing Mozilla Firefox source code and give namely with Iceweasel. Artwork of Firefox doesn’t fulfill of Free Software.

3. Still no Idea


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