My Eating Habits

In Singapore, there are lots of food courts that we can find easily wherever we go. Most of people here are going out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner together with their family.

For me, I’m not really interested in it. I prefer taking my own lunch at office or going home for lunch rather than taking lunch at food court. But of course back to our choice!

There are two reasons why I prefer going home for lunch such as pick my son up from school and I’m very concern with the healthy food.

When eating foods at food court, everybody can’t guarantee the ingredients are cleaned well; how about the spoon, fork, and plate are being used? Have they already been washed with soap or water only?

One day, I and my colleague went for lunch at one of the food courts near from our customer office. While waiting my ordered food and standing in front of the court,  I saw the soup cup was washed without soap and ready to be used by another customer.

Seeing that situation, I changed my mind for having there and decided taking away at least try to avoid using their stuff.

-Eat only if you are hungry, and stop eating when you feel satisfied, not full-

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