Two months ago, my family had to leave Singapore for three days because their dependent pass was expired. While waiting my company to extend the DP, they had to use visit pass as temporary before getting the new DP. On that time, it had already been used two times for entering and staying in Singapore .

When my company extended my employment pass (EP), we decided not to extend my family’s dependent pass first for one reason that can’t be shared. but two months later, I had to extend it if they still wanted to stay here. It was consumed more than three weeks to get approval from MoM.

The visit pass will have maximum 30 days for allowing us to stay in Singapore on the first attempt. The second attempt onward, the immigration officer will reduce the maximum days of staying. When entering Singapore on that time, I explained to them that my family’s dependent pass was still on progress and hasn’t got approval yet then he gave me 30 days again so it’s good.

In the event of DP is not released/approved yet after 30 days, they have to leave Singapore again. When updating this blog, We have received the DP card.

Bandung was our choice for spending three days. In Bandung, we spent our time to do what we want such as shopping, eating at our favorite restaurant, and meeting our neighbourhood as I never see them for almost one year. So it is really nice, right?

This is a moment when we enjoyed our dinner at one restaurant in Bandung.


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