Last week, my son Ibnu got an accident when he run around at home from bedroom to kitchen, dining area, and living room. He didn’t clean up the room before he run and there was a clear tape on the floor. Somehow he step on the clear tape and he got slice on his toe.

He cried loudly so that everybody woke up when hearing weeping. During the weekend, normally we continue our sleep until early noon.  My wife took adhesive bandage from the first aid kit box and wrap it to his toe.

Few minutes later, he stopped crying and doing what he wanted to do. In the evening, I asked him to take a bath as he hasn’t done so since the morning. He scared with his sliced toe so we suggested him wrapping it with plastic wrap.

In the night, my wife gave antiseptic to his sliced toe  in order to avoid infection. Indeed, antiseptic will make ache to his toe and wrap again with adhesive bandage for the second time.

Look at his sliced toe one week later which is today before I wrote this article.

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