It is already February 2019 now, time flies so fast. Next Tuesday is Chinese new year festival and it means I have been leaving in Singapore for  more than 3 years together with my family. This is my 4th Chinese new year in Singapore. I am not celebrating it but my colleagues here celebrating this special event especially for Chinese people.

One of the traditions during the Lunar new year (another name of Chinese new year) is spring cleaning. Normally, people will take leaves one week before and one week after Lunar new year. On the first week, they usually do spring cleaning of their house. Chinese people believe that it will bring a great fortune into their house.

During the festival, we will see lots of Chinese ornaments or decorations related in the shopping mall, houses, and sometimes on the streets as well as greetings. In Singapore, government will grant us two days for public holidays and working half day on the day before the festival itself.

Since the majority in Singapore is Chinese ethnic compared with Malay or Indian so that on the date of Lunar new year, most of the shopping malls or grocery stores will be closed in order to give/allow people to celebrate the event. Every year has specific name relates to the animal and this year is the year of the Pig. The picture below was taken at shopping mall at Expo besides Ericsson Office.

-Singapore 3 February 2019

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